Golf eBooks are the best way to improve your golf game rapidly without investing a lot of time and money. Here are the 5 best eBooks actually available on the web:

The Simple Swing   9.5/10
The Simple Swing is a superbly written instructional guide which offers you all the advice you will need in order to improve all aspects of your game and lower the score on your card. Although concentrating mainly on tee shots, you'll also find advice to help improve your putting, chipping, and sand bunkers shots, as well as preparing yourself physically and mentally for the game. There are a plethora of photographs and diagrams which makes for an easier understanding of the lessons! The Simple Golf Swing is one of the most popular golfing eBooks available on the web, and not without good reason. If you really want to shave several strokes off your scorecard, I can highly recommend this very credible golf instruction guide. The instructions are extremely simple to learn and I guarantee you will master them in no time at all. You really should take a look!
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Golf Swing Book   9.5/10
I loved this book. If you’re dying to know the secret to keeping perfect balance, improving the consistency and distance of your swing, and let’s you hit the ball wherever you want it to go than the Golf Swing Book is a perfect addition to your golf books library. In this eBook, you'll learn how to overcome the three biggest swing-related problems facing the average golfer. The Golf Swing Book is a great book and the bonuses alone worth well the price. It comes with a no-risk unconditional 60-day money back guarantee! 
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Superior Golfing   9/10
Superior Golfing is a fantastic book that offers a great in-depth understanding of golf. I would say it’s extremely useful for both beginners and experienced players as it seeks to provide a holistic step-by-step process to playing the game like a professional golf player. Superior Golfing also covers certain strategies that were employed by Tiger Woods in his golf game that lead him to be the world No.1 golfer. This book is indeed every golfer’s bible as it details every step, tip, trick and strategy to getting the perfect landing, putt, pitch, bunker shot and so on.
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How to Break 80   8/10
How to Break 80 is an easy-to-follow eBook tutorial. The program not only includes useful diagrams, sketches, tips and advice to help you improve every aspect of your game but also offers tips on how to remember the useful advice once you are out on the course. The How To Break 80 program is designed to help you to raise your game and looks closely at all the important areas of the game that are essential in being able to consistently score a lower than 80 card. This golfing eBook provides the most practical and effective tips to help you start putting the fun back into your game. All in all, How to Break 80 is an extremely useful golf instruction guide which covers all aspects of the game of golf!
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Power Golf Training Program   7.5/10
Power Golf Training Program teaches you how to train the key muscles that are crucial for improving your level of play. By working on these muscles you will be increasing your flexibility and strength, therefore you will hit the ball with more accuracy and distance than ever before. The exercises in this great golf training book are simple, short and well organized. They are designed to give you the maximum benefit with the least amount of effort applied!
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Not convinced yet? You should really give it a try; most of them offer you a 60 days money back guarantee! Why do you think they are doing that? Because they know that the vast majority of their clients are more than satisfied after buying their products. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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