Does your golf shot always tend to slice in the same direction? This is normal, slicing a golf ball is one of the most common errors that an average player makes.

The only reason why the ball is slicing is the angle of your clubface at impact. For example, if the club is slightly open at the point of impact, the ball will slice to the right or to the left for lefties. Many reasons can cause your clubface not to be perfectly square to the ball at impact; improper positioning, improper hand position, improper arm action, improper hips rotating or improper shoulders rotation.

This is why I cannot tell you exactly what to do to cure your slice. It is only by having a private course with you that I can find out how you can fix it. However, private lessons are very costly, a more affordable and easy way to help you fix this problem is by trying Golf Swing Book. They dedicate an entire chapter on this topic, you will definitely find out what is the reasons of your golf slice and how to correct it. It will also help you on many others golf aspects. If you are not really sure about it, you can start a 60 days trial. You have nothing to lose and it is the best way to get rid of your golf slice and become a better golfer.

Matthew Legare

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