Here are 3 quick fixes that will help you improve your game rapidly!

Mistake #1: Moving your head too early
Have you ever noticed that professional golfers always hit the ball perfectly? For sure, you have. Just like me, you're probably wondering how they can hit the ball at the right impact spot, making the ball go in a beautiful straight line, every single time. ... while you hardly ever hit the ball correctly compared to them. What is going on here? It's actually quite simple, really... If you always perform the same motion, you will always impact the ball at the same spot. And the first common mistake amateur players make without even knowing it is that they move and rotate their head too early during the swing. Moving, tilting, or rotating your head before the club hits the ball destabilizes your body weight every single time. It triggers the domino effect, where one tiny defect will cause the whole system to collapse. Unfortunately, this single error, if it remains uncorrected, prevents the majority (we're talking about at least 70%) of amateur golfers to go beyond mediocrity. Trust me, I've been there, too. And guess what? This is what every PGA golfer gets taught at some point during their start. To build a consistent swing, you need a solid foundation. And that is an absolute necessary part of that foundation. It is important to keep looking at the ball until the right moment, so that your body remains coordinated.

Mistake #2: Rotating the shoulders improperly
Our common mistake #2 concerns the fundamental step of the backswing, rotating the shoulders. What do amateur golfers do when they "fail" to hit beyond 175, 200, or 300 yards? They have a tendency to exaggerate the swing even more. They increase the distance of their backswing, they put even more power, and.. they fail even better. And I'm glad to tell you what I'm about to tell you.. because you will have an edge over your golf rivals and friends, for you will not learn this the long, hard and painful way, as I did.

One of the main technical mistake golfers make is to rotate their shoulders in a crooked axis. What this jargon means is that their shoulders are not moving to the exact optimal position where it can generate power and control. Until you are ready to change this, you will never, ever, ever hit the ball over 300, 250, or even 200 yards.

Mistake #3: Bending the front arm
Exaggeratedly During The Backswinging our desire to hit above 300 yards (which is a respectable goal, by the way), us golfers tend to overlook details that make a world of difference. Just think about how hitting the ball off by a centimeter from center will make its distance decrease by 50% and its precision by 80%! One of those deadly details (and there are at least 25) is the position of the front arm -the left one for a righty, and vice-versa. Most of amateur golf players intuitively bend that front arm so much that they cannot perform a decent swing half of the time. It prevents your arms from performing a stable and controlled downswing. Don't get me wrong here. You don't have to make your arm straighter than your club for you to swing the ball correctly. But if you think that neglecting this micro-detail will still allow you to become better than mediocre, think again. You will never succeed in having a high-quality swing if you overlook this one detail.

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